Drawing on Tinted Paper

Fressias on brown paper

A new semester at Sketchbook Skool started last Friday so I’m currently working on the assignment for Jonathan Twingley‘s klass, which is totally different from the kind of thing I normally do. The semester is all about ‘Stretching’ though so it seems appropriate.

I still have some of the weekly email assignments to work on, though, and this one was inspired by Brenda Swenson. She suggested using watercolour paints on different surfaces, specifically tinted papers. Because there’s no white paper to show through for highlights she wanted to see how we made use of white watercolour paint or gouache.

I’ve not used tinted papers before but bought an A5 kraft paper album from Paperchase to give myself lots of room to experiment. I haven’t got around to using watercolours in it yet but I did buy a Uniball Signo pigment pen in white and really like the effect of it against the brown background.

This drawing’s from a photograph of some freesias growing in our window boxes and the green and yellow (and a bit of grey) are just felt tip pens.

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