Creating a Story on a Page

Sketches of peopl

I’m doing these interim Sketchbook Skool assignments in some sort of random order. This week the email prompt was from Veronica Lawlor who suggested a way to create a story on a sketchbook page.

Her idea was to spend around 2 hours in a busy place sketching all the little stories you see while you sit there. By stories, she means any event, no matter how tiny – in my case it included people taking photographs, a man waiting for someone with his arms folded, another man pushing a bicycle along beside him and kids playing around on some big stainless steel spheres.

People Sketches

Now I didn’t spend anywhere close to 2 hours on these sketches – more like 20 minutes, maybe 30 at the most. I always find the idea of drawing moving people very daunting because as soon as you start sketching they can have moved again or gone away. Which explains why one or two people on my pages have no head or legs.

It’s definitely a good way of loosening up my drawing though and avoiding any perfectionist tendencies that might naturally creep in.

Drawing in public places is starting to feel more comfortable too. I’m seeking out places where I feel happy to sit and draw and I’m slowly feeling more OK about people noticing that I’m drawing. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

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