Creative Links #16: Colouring, Community and the Outskirts of New York

St Giles Church and magnolia

Every week I share a selection of links to things I’ve enjoyed on the internet. Here are this week’s – enjoy!

  • My friend Helen wrote about how being part of an online community has helped her to keep drawing and supported her during one of the more difficult times in her life.
  • I always enjoy seeing what people keep in their bag, cupboard or pencil case. Lynne Chapman explains what art materials she carries and why.
  • My husband, who doesn’t draw, has a colouring book for adults and they seem to be increasingly popular at the moment. I like the sound of the ‘colouring circles’ mentioned in this article on the importance of play for adults.
  • Like the look of William Meyer’s photo book about life in the less famous districts of New York.
  • Every month artist, Gennine Zlatkis shares a desktop calendar featuring her artwork. This is April’s.

2 thoughts on “Creative Links #16: Colouring, Community and the Outskirts of New York

  1. Helen Reply

    Thank you so much for the mention!

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      You’re very welcome, it’s a great post!

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