Over the past few weeks Sketchbook Skool have been sending out an email once a week containing an assignment from one of the teachers.

Prashant got us all drawing trees and Roz suggested that when the weather’s not so good we could draw the view from our window.

I inadvertently combined both of these assignments into one yesterday morning when I drew the tops of the trees that I can see from my window. Usually I see these trees as an obstacle that prevent me from seeing more clearly the buildings behind them. So yesterday before I had breakfast (and therefore also including Danny’s idea of Art Before Breakfast) I decided to ignore the buildings, change my focus and draw some of the tree top branches in a bit more detail.

This made me realise that I enjoy drawing as one of the first things I do in the morning but I don’t actually do it at that time of day very often. So again this morning I sat down and sketched what I could see from my window. This time some of the contents of one of my window boxes. I’m thinking that the window boxes might be interesting things to draw over a period of time, as some plants get bigger, others come into bloom and later in the year, some die back again.

Next on my list is the assignment from Brenda, which is going to nudge me out of my comfort zone a bit again – usually a good thing!