Loosening Up

Sketch of window box and beyond

Every so often while I was using my A5 Leuchtturm sketchbook I would whinge about how, although the paper’s nice and thick, it wasn’t the best for watercolour paint. The paint would dry too quickly and I couldn’t play around with it too much before the surface of the paper started to come away. So, after all that, I’ve bought another!

For over a year I’ve had a pocket-sized Moleskine watercolour sketchbook sitting empty. It came to New York with me last year and it’s still empty now. I’ve also just bought a similar sized Leuchtturm sketchbook so my plan is to have 2 tiny sketchbooks on the go at the same time. The Moleskine for watercolour sketches (to stop me whingeing) and the Leuchtturm for everything else.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been inspired my Jodi Wiley‘s daily drawings in her tiny sketchbooks so I’ve bought a couple of markers (and have just ordered a third) to use in my new tiny Leuchtturm.

Because the pages are small and I’m trying to limit the materials I use I’m hoping it will encourage me to do quick sketches and loosen up my drawing style a little bit so I don’t get too bogged down in the details. I think sometimes if I think a drawing looks like it might take me a long time it can feel overwhelming and then I might not draw at all. So it might be interesting to see what happens if I aim to worry less about being precise and perfect, and focus more on putting pen to paper more regularly.

The drawing at the top of this post is the second one in my tiny Leuchtturm. It’s the view from one of our windows, which was a little interim assignment for Sketchbook Skool. I didn’t manage to limit myself quite as much as I’d hoped (I added watercolour pencil on top of the pen and marker) but I like that the style’s loose and I got the drawing done quite quickly without trying to be too precise.

So, so far so good. Let’s see where the two sketchbooks take me.

3 thoughts on “Loosening Up

  1. Joy @ Joyfully Green Reply

    Cathryn, I love this little nugget of life wisdom tucked into this post: “aim to worry less about being precise and perfect…” That’s one of my goals in life, because I tend to worry myself to bits about producing “great stuff” and I get creatively paralyzed. We really must just get on with it! 🙂

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      I don’t think I always realise I’m doing it Joy, it’s just that sometimes I suddenly notice that I’ve not drawn anything or taken any photos for a long time and worrying about perfection is often the reason. It’s so easy to say we won’t do this anymore and often much more difficult to actually do. Being aware of it is a good start though. As you say, we just need to get on with it! 🙂

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