From My Window

Over the past few weeks Sketchbook Skool have been sending out an email once a week containing an assignment from one of the teachers. Prashant got us all drawing trees and Roz suggested that when the weather's not so good we could draw the view from our window. I inadvertently combined both of these assignments [...]

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Creative Links #15: Invisible People, Tiny Sketchbooks and Embracing the Imperfect

Every Friday I share a few links to things I've enjoyed reading, looking at or listening to. Here's this week's selection - enjoy. I'm currently using two tiny sketchbooks for my drawings and earlier this week Koosje Koene shared some of the tiny sketchbooks she's used and explained how handy they can be for drawing [...]

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I'm still trying to loosen up with my drawing style but it's early days yet. Someone in an online drawing community that I'm a member of suggested putting down the colour with my marker before adding my black outlines (like the fast and slow drawings I've done I suppose) so I might give that a [...]

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Creative Links #14: Daily Habits, Creative Projects, Why You Should Draw and What If…?

Every week I share a few links to things that I've enjoyed online. I hope you enjoy this week's selection: On the Sketchbook Skool blog are 5 reasons your brain wants you to draw. 10 Daily Habits that will Give You Incredible Will Power Thanks to Crystal Moody for drawing my attention to the previous [...]

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Loosening Up

Every so often while I was using my A5 Leuchtturm sketchbook I would whinge about how, although the paper's nice and thick, it wasn't the best for watercolour paint. The paint would dry too quickly and I couldn't play around with it too much before the surface of the paper started to come away. So, [...]

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