Creative Links #11: New York Art & Parks, Nature Sketching and Why We Draw


Each week I share a few links to things I’ve seen and enjoyed online. Here’s this week’s selection, I hope you enjoy.

  • I visited the High Line when I was in New York just less than a year ago, so I was really interested to read this article that my husband found, about plans for a subterranean park in NYC.
  • This feature in the New York Times that allows you to scroll through the entire Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition that was on display in the Tate Modern, London and MoMA. (It feels a bit counter-intuitive but scrolling down moves the images from left to right across your screen).
  • I did a tiny bit of nature sketching earlier this week and there’s an interview on the Sketchbook Skool blog with Richard Bell (who, incidentally is from my native county, Yorkshire), where he talks about the many drawings he’s done of the happenings in his back garden.
  • Here’s Richard Johnson on Why we Draw.
  • Taffy Kysely explains how she went from cynic to enthusiastic art journaler.

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