Creative Links #10: Raising Creative Children, Book Covers & Why You Don’t Feel Creative


Just a few links from me again this week. I hope you find something you enjoy.

  • Molly Crabapple has made some fascinating drawings based on photographs taken in Mosul, Iraq, showing the effects of what’s been happening in the city since last year.
  • Koosje Koene offers 5 tips to help you keep making art. Although she’s talking specifically about drawing, I think her ideas probably apply to other creative work too.
  • This video interview with Rick Beerhorst on the Sketchbook Skool blog about raising a creative family is really interesting, and unfortunately when I shared it on Twitter this week I forgot to include the link! It’s been one of those weeks.
  • I’d not seen this website until quite recently but if you enjoy browsing libraries and bookshops for the interesting and beautiful book covers, design and typography (as well as the content of the books of course!) then you might enjoy spending some time looking through and admiring the Book Cover Archive.
  • Tanner Christenson suggests why you may not feel creative. There’s also a link to a curated library of books about creativity and neuroscience (a link within a link).

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