Writing as Art

Handlettered quote from Tommy Kane on drawing buildings

Because I wasn’t keeping up with all the Boot Kamp assignments as they came in I decided to skip one week for now (which I’ll come back to later on) and stick with this week’s assignments which, so far, have been about writing.

For the first assignment I chose a quote from Tommy Kane, from one of his lessons in Sketchbook Skool’s Beginnings kourse. I think it sums up not only how long he spends drawing a scene or subject but also the importance of looking closely and really seeing every detail of what you’re drawing.

4 thoughts on “Writing as Art

  1. Dale Reply

    I LOVE your lettering. Am jealous.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks Dale. Don’t be jealous – it’s only pen and paper :).

  2. Tamara Epps Reply

    Lettering is something I really wish I could do, but can never seem to get it right. Any tips on how to get started with this?

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Well I’m no expert either but I’d suggest lots of practise. Study fonts that you like the look of, look at book covers and magazines and copy down the letters or words that appeal to you. When it comes to writing out a whole quote in your sketchbook maybe lightly sketch it out in pencil first or, on some rough paper, sketch out a thumb nail to show the layout.

      Most of all though, I’d say not to worry about it. The Moomin quote I posted a few weeks ago took a few attempts because there were lots of words (and some long words too) so I kept running out of space on the page/line. Just choose a short, simple quote or word and dive in! And if you don’t like the result, work out why and try again! 🙂

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