Fast and Slow Selfie

Self portrait

We’ve gone back to selfies for Boot Kamp and this one was done using the fast-slow technique that we’d practised on a previous kourse.

The idea is to use paint and a fat brush to really quickly get down the basics of what you see – in this case, your reflection in the mirror. Once the paint’s dried you go back in with a pen and really take your time to get the details, trying to ignore the paint layer to some degree so that you’re not tempted to just go over the original marks you’d made.

I didn’t spend as long on the slow part of this as I should have – mostly because the biggest mirror we have is in the bathroom and it was getting a bit uncomfortable sitting on a dining chair in there.

Having seen what other people have drawn for this assignment I do find it funny that we all look so very serious.

One thought on “Fast and Slow Selfie

  1. Dale Reply

    Very cool. Way better than I could even attempt! 😉

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