Creative Links #12: Routine, Idling and Finding Time for Ourselves


I’ve decided that from today I’m going to take a one week holiday from blogging and I’ll start posting again from 9th March.

In the meantime, here are some links I thought were worth sharing. I hope you find something you enjoy.

Grey Painting on a Grey Day

Barbican Estate, London

London’s living up to its stereotype today and is very grey and rainy again. It seemed appropriate to have a go at something different and paint only in grey. No colour, no pen or pencil to guide, just a couple of brushes and some Payne’s Grey watercolour paint. Everything outside looks pretty monotone at the moment anyway but I think a misty, wet day kind of emphasises that, so painting this way kind of captured the mood.

Art Before Breakfast


A couple of weeks ago my pre-ordered copy of Danny Gregory’s new book arrived in the post. As you may know, anything that has Danny’s name on it is something I’m immediately interested in. I credit his book The Creative License with getting me drawing again after a break of 15 years and a few failed attempts to re-start.

I’ve only flicked through and read snippets so far but Art Before Breakfast contains even more encouragement from Danny to build a daily creative habit, even if you spend only 10 minutes a day making art. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into this book.

Although I draw regularly now I still don’t consistently draw every day. That’s fine with me but sometimes I think it’s the days when I don’t draw that might be the times I could most benefit from it. Hopefully this book will be another nudge in the right direction for me.

Creative Links #11: New York Art & Parks, Nature Sketching and Why We Draw


Each week I share a few links to things I’ve seen and enjoyed online. Here’s this week’s selection, I hope you enjoy.

  • I visited the High Line when I was in New York just less than a year ago, so I was really interested to read this article that my husband found, about plans for a subterranean park in NYC.
  • This feature in the New York Times that allows you to scroll through the entire Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition that was on display in the Tate Modern, London and MoMA. (It feels a bit counter-intuitive but scrolling down moves the images from left to right across your screen).
  • I did a tiny bit of nature sketching earlier this week and there’s an interview on the Sketchbook Skool blog with Richard Bell (who, incidentally is from my native county, Yorkshire), where he talks about the many drawings he’s done of the happenings in his back garden.
  • Here’s Richard Johnson on Why we Draw.
  • Taffy Kysely explains how she went from cynic to enthusiastic art journaler.