Creative Links #8: Art, Overwhelm and why it might be good to be Bored

Telegraph pole and wires from below. Blue sky.

Here are a few links for you for this week. I hope you enjoy them.

  • This video from the Sketchbook Skool blog, shows how artist Trevor Romain uses his art and creativity to help others.
  • New Tech City’s Bored and Brilliant project is starting soon in an attempt to help you detach from technology and be more creative.
  • Dale posted some beautiful winter photos on her blog this week. My favourite is the first one, but I love the contrast of colours and textures across the set.
  • Lisa Congdon writes about how to deal with overwhelm and why you can choose to take breaks and go easy on yourself.
  • Jen’s written about the ‘3 C’s’ that she’s focusing on in order to help her make good decisions in spite of having limited energy.
  • Another instagram account: Jesslyn shares photos of her lovely watercolours and calligraphy, including a new series of hand-lettered quotes that she writes using tea as ink.

3 thoughts on “Creative Links #8: Art, Overwhelm and why it might be good to be Bored

  1. Dale Reply

    Thanks for the nod, my friend! xoxo
    That video with Trevor Romain – wow. just. wow.
    Still listening/watching the Bored and Brilliant links… love it!
    Great links once again, Cathryn!

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      You are very welcome Dale! They’re such lovely photos :). I’m glad you’re enjoying the links this week and yes, Trevor is amazing isn’t he?

      1. Dale Reply

        He really is!

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