Sometimes if I don’t draw for a few days, a few days can easily become a few weeks. The feeling that I can’t draw or the tendency to compare myself to others increases and then I become paralysed. Everyone else is more creative, better at drawing or otherwise more superior to me so there’s no point in me sketching anything. And anyway, there’s nothing to draw.

This is what Danny Gregory refers to as our ‘monkey’, telling us that we’re not good enough and the best way to shut that monkey up is to keep on drawing. I’d succumbed to my monkey(!) over the past few days so this morning, after I’d taken my breakfast back to bed with me, I decided to just draw.

I kept things simple and used my favourite pen, a small set of watercolours and a water brush, and in about 15 minutes I’d drawn my breakfast tray sitting on my bed. It’s definitely not the best drawing I’ve ever done but that’s not the point, it’s a drawing and I’ve done it. The monkey’s still trying to yell at me but I’ll keep him down with another drawing of something, anything, just whatever’s in front of me.