Personal History: My Old Home

Watercolour drawing of house


So much for catching up with Boot Kamp! I’m still behind but am OK with that. This sketch was for an assignment on personal histories. I chose to use Google Street View to draw the house that I grew up in.

I lived here until the age of 19 and since then it’s only really changed a little bit. The house itself looks the same. One difference is the gate on the driveway, which wasn’t there when I lived there. Otherwise, there used to be a flower bed in the centre of the front lawn with a blossom tree planted in it, a bush growing under the front window and a holly bush in one corner of the garden next to the drive. Oh, and the front door was different too. Other than that, it all looks very familiar to me.

If anything, the adjoining house next door seems to have changed more than my old home but I didn’t have enough space to draw that one too!


2 thoughts on “Personal History: My Old Home

  1. Alex Tan Reply

    Such a cute little house. Love the way the roof tiles and bricks were drawn.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks Alex. Those were the bits I was a bit unsure of so just kind of went for it and hoped for the best. I’m glad you think it worked :).

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