Coloured drawing of a red pencil

I seem to be a tiny bit behind with Boot Kamp. Maybe at some point I’ll catch up – or maybe not, it doesn’t matter too much.

This assignment was about creating a watercolour wash background to draw on with coloured pencils. It left me with a bit of dilemma – should I use my current sketchbook, a Leuchtturm, which is great for coloured pencil drawing but not so great for watercolours; or use up the last page of my last Moleskin watercolour sketchbook, which is obviously perfect for watercolours but a bit too textured for coloured pencils?

I went with the latter, just so I could really play around with the watercolour paint in the background without it drying quickly, causing the surface of the paper to come away or bleeding through the page from the amount of water used.

I discovered from my selfie drawings that the texture of watercolour paper really doesn’t allow you to get much detail or sharp edges to a drawing when using coloured pencils. So I’m not massively happy with this one but it’s much better than I thought it might be and it’s another one of those drawings that I got a fresh perspective on once I saw it scanned and on a screen.