Creative Links #6: Books, Librarians, Limits and Hygge

New York Public Library Lion - side view

  • I’ve seen quite a few mentions of the Danish concept of ‘hygge‘ over the past few months. Penelope Dullaghan explains how she uses this idea to help her enjoy winter.
  • Thanks to Austin Kleon for sharing this article and podcast from the New York Public Library, all about the weird and interesting questions people have asked librarians.
  • Almost every week I seem to include a link from Danny Gregory. I practically inhale anything he shares – here’s the trailer for his new book. I’ve pre-ordered my copy, naturally!
  • I enjoyed this interview with the creative director of Drawn and Quarterly – a comic publisher in Montreal – about the surprising popularity of the Moomin books, which apparently aren’t that well-known in Canada.
  • I’m not sure yet if I agree with all of his suggestions but Leo Babauta’s idea of creating limits is interesting.

What have you enjoyed reading on the internet this week?

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