Slow Going

Unfinished drawing of a five pound note

The second Boot Kamp assignment from Sketchbook Skool was to draw some money. I’ve drawn a dollar bill before following my trip to the US last year but decided to go with something more familiar this time.

I always knew that bank notes had a huge amount of detail in them but I don’t think it really registered with me until I started drawing this £5 note. It’s taking a long time and the Queen seems to have developed a tan while she’s been waiting for me to finish this. I’m sure she’s not that happy about what’s going on with her crown but never mind!

Anyway, seeing as this one is going to take a while I thought I’d share its progress for those of you who hadn’t seen it on Facebook or Instagram.

On a totally unrelated note, while I was working on this yesterday, I listened to a This American Life podcast about how people’s expectations of you can dramatically affect what you can do. The main focus was on seeing, which I was doing a lot of with this fiver. I’m probably always going to remember that podcast in relation to this drawing from now on but drawing aside, it’s worth a listen if you get the chance – it’s called Batman.

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