Creative Links #5: Instagram Favourites


This week I thought I’d try something different with these links and recommend some Instagram accounts that I enjoy following.

It was tricky because I follow a lot of people on Instagram and I enjoy lots of things about lots of different accounts on there. Because I enjoy art and photography I decided to select a few artists’ Instagram accounts and a few from people who focus more on photography.

I know that not everyone uses Instagram but I enjoy it as a way of connecting with other like-minded people in a visual way and getting an insight into other people’s creative process.

If you’re not an Instagram user you can still view the accounts listed here in a web browser and in some cases they may have links to their websites and blogs in their profiles so you can explore their work a bit further.

  • Henry Lohmeyer is  Missouri-based photographer whose Instagram account features mostly black and white, quite minimal photographs that seem to tell a story.
  • Tammy Strobel is a blogger who has been sharing a photo of her morning view every day since the start of 2013, via Instagram and Tumblr. Her Instagram also features other pictures from her daily life in the tiny home(s) she shares with her husband and their 2 cats.
  • I came across Elke through Flickr where she also shares some beautiful photographs. In 2014 she completed a 365 photo project entitled ‘My Year in Teacups’.
  • Tammy Lee Bradley is another photographer who shares a lot of beautiful black and white images, as well as other fun photos from her daily life, including her family, dog and some of her crochet projects.
  • Jodi Wiley, based in Melbourne, shares photos of her beautiful watercolour paintings. I really like her paintings of books and seeing them at different stages as she works on them.
  • Crystal Moody is another artist who completed a 365 drawing project in 2014 and has started a new project for 2015 so her instagram feed is a great place to see daily drawings and paintings – very inspiring.
  • Jennifer Appel is a Canadian artist who I connected with via Sketchbook Skool so I enjoy seeing her take on the assignments we both did and also what she gets up to in between klasses.
  • Emily May is an illustrator and surface pattern designer who sells some of her work through Etsy. She does a lot of work in watercolours and is someone else who shares works in progress, which is something I love.

I hope you find something here that you enjoy and if there are people on Instagram who you enjoy following I’d love to hear your recommendations.

3 thoughts on “Creative Links #5: Instagram Favourites

  1. Eliza Reply

    Thanks for these links. Being new to Instagram I’m always looking for new people to follow. I love some of these links – I love the composition of some of the daily photos and think I can learn a lot from them.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      I think Instagram can be a great way to learn and find inspiration. Am I following you on IG Eliza? I don’t think I am but sometimes people’s user names are different on there so do let me know where to find you :).

  2. Dale Reply

    Love these links, Cathryn! Started following a few as a result! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

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