Red Postbox London

Yesterday my laptop broke and it meant that I wasn’t able to post a new drawing on my blog as I’d planned. I’m currently using a Chromebook, which is fine for the moment but it’s browser-based so I’m having to figure out different ways of getting my work from my camera and scanner to my blog.

It’s all do-able but at the moment it feels a bit more clunky. This is also making me re-assess how reliant I am on technology, particularly things that aren’t web-based and can only be accessed from one location. It’s definitely something for me to think about for the future.

Anyway, I managed to edit a photo from my phone for today and I have a few links to share:

  • As Christmas approaches, Leo Babauta suggests 5 Questions to consider that might help you to simplify life during what can be a hectic time.
  • Sketchbook Skool’s 3 kourses will be starting again in January and February. I’ve taken all 3 this year and I can’t recommend them enough for anyone who draws, wants to draw, thinks they can’t draw or wants to start drawing again after a long break.
  • Danny Gregory explains a bit more about the philosophy and approach of Sketchbook Skool and how the supportive Sketchbook Skool community can make a huge difference for students who feel like giving up on their drawing.
  • I’ve mentioned this on Twitter recently, but my friend Joy is running her course on How to Take Better Photos of Nature and the World Around You again in January. This is another course that I’ve taken so again, I can recommend it. It’s aimed at beginners so you don’t need a fancy camera and Joy will guide you through how to take more professional looking, creative photographs.
  • With the year coming to an end very soon it’s natural to feel a bit reflective but Austin Kleon reminds us once again not to spend all of December in retrospection.