Trowel and a bulb drawing

Sometimes I draw something and I really don’t like the outcome. This was one of those times. I really don’t like this drawing, although the handle and the shadow of the handle are OK.

I keep reminding myself that it’s the process that counts. Each drawing helps me learn more, about drawing, about my approach to it and about me. And it’s another page of my sketchbook filled.

I followed Tommy Kane‘s advice with this one and stuck with it, even though after I’d drawn the outline I wanted to walk away and forget it. I added some colour and then went outside to plant the rest of these bulbs so I could come back to it with fresh(er) eyes.

I’d not drawn much for a few days so I’m seeing this drawing as a bit of a warm-up as I get back into it. Plus, I’d rather make a drawing that I don’t like than do no drawing at all.