Pencil sketch of a cat

I did this pencil sketch of Matilda the cat late on Saturday evening using a photo on my phone for reference. A lot of the time I draw in pen and don’t use pencil very often. With this drawing my plan was to start with pencil (because I was too nervous to go straight in with a pen) and go over it with ink and maybe some colour later on.

I came back to it yesterday, tidied up the edges a little bit and then decided to leave it at that. I decided that I liked it as it was and there was a risk of it becoming too harsh if I started to mess around with it too much.

What wasn’t simple about this though was getting the image onto the computer. I scanned it which of course made it so bright that the drawing was barely visible so I went with a photograph. It took a few attempts to get it to look OK and I decided I could live with the greyish, darker background if it meant that the pencil lines showed up OK.