Dome of St Paul's Cathedral

Rather than just sharing a photograph today I thought I’d also share some links to blog posts that I’ve enjoyed over the past week or so. I’m not sure if I’ll do this every Friday but we’ll see how it goes.

Linda is finding that getting ‘lost’ in creative projects is helping her to take care of herself during the darker winter months.

Michelle at Seaweed Kisses has a series of posts where readers get to peek inside the creative journals and diaries of all kinds of different people. I really like these Moleskine journals by José.

Nikki has recently started a new daily project sharing a black and white photograph from her everyday life, every day for a year. You can see the archive of her pictures so far on her blog, Art and Lemons.

My friend Joy runs online photography classes and I really enjoyed seeing some of the work that her students produced in her latest course. Drop her an email if you want to find out when she’ll be teaching her courses again. I can recommend her Nature Photography class and although I wasn’t able to join in this time I’m planning on signing up for her Art of Photography course on the next run.

Danny Gregory has written about art journaling, how making art can help you experience life in a different way and the importance of sharing your art with others.