Coloured pencil drawing of a Fazer Moomin chocolate bar

Since we came back from Finland we’ve kept meaning to visit the Finnish Church in London because they have a shop that sells our favourite rye bread, which we can’t seem to get hold of anywhere else (apart from Finland – maybe that’s a good enough excuse for a return visit).

On Sunday we decided to head down there because it was the last day of their Christmas fair. It poured with rain non-stop all day but we didn’t let that put us off. We still had a look around at the stalls outside, drank some mulled apple juice to keep us warm and ate churros (I’m still not sure what the Finnish connection is there but I’m not complaining).

Inside was the main event. It was so busy that it was difficult to have a really good look around but we got a couple of packs of bread and some Fazer Moomin sweets, including this little chocolate bar, featuring Little My.

The plan is to go back to the church shop and cafe another day when it’s not quite as busy, in search of more bread and hopefully some cloudberry jam.