Something Tiny – Just Keep Drawing

I kind of slumped through yesterday. I woke up just before 5am, having gone to sleep at about 11:30pm and all kinds of things that aren't worrying started to worry me, to the point that I didn't get back to sleep. At 7am I made some ginger tea, drank it in bed and spent the [...]

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I Went to the Finnish Church Fair

Since we came back from Finland we've kept meaning to visit the Finnish Church in London because they have a shop that sells our favourite rye bread, which we can't seem to get hold of anywhere else (apart from Finland - maybe that's a good enough excuse for a return visit). On Sunday we decided [...]

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A Keyhole View

I'm using a Leuchtturm sketchbook at the moment. My last 2 sketchbooks have been Moleskine watercolour pads but trying to use watercolours in the Leuchtturm has been a bit tricky. The paper is nice and thick (180g/m²) so ink and paint tend not to show through the other side of the page. That is unless, [...]

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Illustrating a Tiny Journey

Last week was the final week of the Sketchbook Skool Storytelling klass and our teacher was Danny. He shared thoughts and drawings from his travels and encouraged us to illustrate a journey of our own. I seem to have been semi-hibernating for a few weeks so I kept my journey very small and illustrated my [...]

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