Wentworth Woodhouse

Side view of Wentworth Woodhouse

I spent this past weekend with my family back in Yorkshire. On Monday we went for a short walk through the park where Wentworth Woodhouse sits, which is very close to where I grew up. The house used to be owned by the local authority but has been privately owned for some time now.

View of the front of Wentworth Woodhouse

The current owners have opened up parts of the house and gardens to the public and run guided tours. For as long as I can remember though, there have been public footpaths through the parkland, which goes on for miles.

Tree and cow in a field

These photos show the tiniest fraction of what’s there because we didn’t walk very far at all. It was still nice to get some fresh air though, even if the cows seemed a bit close for comfort!

Grazing cows next to footpath

I took these photos using my Samsung Galaxy S4.

Stable Block

Icecream van with tress and road behind

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  1. Joy @ Joyfully Green Reply

    Gorgeous, Cathryn. Yorkshire is really the place for me…I feel it in my soul! 🙂

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