An Illustrated ‘Manual’


Illustrated diagram showing how to use a tea infused

Back to the Leuchtturm sketchbook for my second Sketchbook Skool homework. The first scan I did was really bad but I’ve managed to re-do it and get rid of the shadowy patches.

I decided to do what Koosje suggested and keep things simple for this one so to make life a bit easier for my illustrated manual I chose this tea infuser.

3 thoughts on “An Illustrated ‘Manual’

  1. Andrew James Reply

    Great picture. Where do I get one of these infusers!? Looks so cool.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      Thanks. You can buy them here in the gifts section. I imagine they sell them elsewhere too.

  2. we are tea Reply

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you.

    Our simplicitea infuser is a great accessory for all loose tea lovers.
    As Cathryn said, we sell it from our website but also from Whole Foods Market High Street Kensington and Albion shops (

    Let us know if you require more information.

    And Cathryn, many thanks again for the amazing work!

    We Are Tea

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