Illustrating a Recipe

Illustrated recipe potatoes boulangere

The Storytelling klass at Sketchbook Skool started earlier this month and the first homework was to produce an illustrated recipe.

With the start of a new semester I decided to start a new sketchbook. This is a Leuchtturm A5 sketchbook. Unlike the Moleskines that I’ve been using for a while, this one’s not a watercolour sketchbook but it takes the paint quite well and the paper’s very thick which is nice.

Not sure it scanned all that well, what with the shadows on the edge but other than that I like this new sketchbook.

4 thoughts on “Illustrating a Recipe

  1. Dale Reply

    You know…. should I ever get my ducks in a row and actually create a cookbook… I’ll be calling on you for maybe an illustrated cover…. 😀

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      That would be fun! 🙂

      1. Dale Reply

        Indeed… will definitely keep you posted…

  2. Jayleen Zotti Reply

    I love it! All cookbooks should be done this way;0)

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