Little People

Black and white drawings of 3 people

This week’s teacher at Sketchbook Skool was Jean-Christophe Defline. Jean-Christophe lives in Paris and he draws book covers inspired by the Tintin books to illustrate the adventures he (known as Flinflin) has with his wife and children.

He set us 2 homeworks and this is the first. It was a little warm up drawing in preparation for a bigger, second homework where we drew small sketches of people from photographs. Jean-Christophe suggested using a pen that wasn’t too fine to avoid getting bogged down in details. Each figure should take no more than about 15-20 minutes.

Because I knew what the next homework was going to be and I’d already started having some ideas for it, I used some of my photographs from my trip to New York and drew some of the people from those. First in pencil and then in 0.5 Copic Multiliner and a Copic BS brush pen for to fill in the darker areas.

Wentworth Woodhouse

Side view of Wentworth Woodhouse

I spent this past weekend with my family back in Yorkshire. On Monday we went for a short walk through the park where Wentworth Woodhouse sits, which is very close to where I grew up. The house used to be owned by the local authority but has been privately owned for some time now.

View of the front of Wentworth Woodhouse

The current owners have opened up parts of the house and gardens to the public and run guided tours. For as long as I can remember though, there have been public footpaths through the parkland, which goes on for miles.

Tree and cow in a field

These photos show the tiniest fraction of what’s there because we didn’t walk very far at all. It was still nice to get some fresh air though, even if the cows seemed a bit close for comfort!

Grazing cows next to footpath

I took these photos using my Samsung Galaxy S4.

Stable Block

Icecream van with tress and road behind

Drawing a Memory

Drawing of a school girl in a classroom

This is one of my homeworks from Mattias Adolfsson‘s Sketchbook Skool Klass last week. Mattias draw some amazingly detailed and funny imaginary worlds so I was really excited about his klass.

This was the first of two homeworks (I’m still working on the second one!) and the task was to draw a memory, preferably a memory of our first day at school. This is one of my memories of my first day in infant school when I was 4.

My teacher had put name cards on the tables so everyone knew where to sit and I was very disappointed because she’d misspelt my name – it happens a lot! I did love that teacher though and was very sad when I had to move up to the next class.

People in the Park

Black and white sketch of people under a shelter

I’m still lagging behind very slightly with my Sketchbook Skool homeworks. These drawings are some of my homeworks from Melanie Reim‘s klass. Melanie teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and she does a lot of reportage drawing.

Her style reminds me a little bit of the work of Quentin Blake and Ronald Searle. She manages to tell stories through her drawings of people and encouraged us to try the same thing by going to a park to draw people.

I’m still a little bit self conscious about drawing in public but that feeling’s fading over time. I went to a park really close to where I live because there are always plenty of people coming and going.

Unfortunately, as I sat down to draw a whole crowd of people left the park so I drew other individuals as they came and went.

Sketch of a man smoking a cigarette

Drawing people who are moving around a lot is a real challenge for me and it’s definitely something I want to practise and get better at. I think I started to capture some stories in these drawings but maybe I could have gone further if I’d had a bit more patience. Something to work on next time!