Black pen drawing of scattered keys

It seems like ages ago since I started this drawing. It was a homework from Andrea‘s klass during the most recent semester of Sketchbook Skool, which ran during July and August.

I kept adding a bit to it each day for a while and then Drawing August came along so this took a back seat for a while. I finally came back to it again yesterday and realised that at some point I would have to decide that this drawing was complete.

I added the keyring this morning and immediately regretted it and then I added about 4 more keys to the drawing to balance things out a bit before declaring the drawing finished.

I scanned it in colour mode and it’s interesting to see not only how the cross hatching has become a bit bleached out but how the different black inks show up as slightly different colours. Other than a few ballpoint pens, I used a multiliner on one key (and decided that that was a mistake) plus some black and grey coloured pencil to add some softness and to do the final shadows under each key.

As before, you can click on the drawing to see a higher-resolution version of it on my Flickr.