6 small watercolour drawings in a grid

Last year I took part in the first run of ‘Drawing August’, which is a Twitter based drawing challenge organised by Jean Stevens. It’s running again this year and I signed myself up for it.

As before, the idea is simply to do one drawing every day throughout the month of August and share that drawing on Twitter using the Drawing August hashtag.

The second semester of Sketchbook Skool that I’m taking part in overlaps with Drawing August by about 2 weeks so I decided that I needed to make this year’s Drawing August a bit more manageable so that I don’t run out of energy part way through.

Last year I did a pen and ink drawing every day in August with each drawing usually taking up most of an A5 page in my sketchbook. I decided to try something a bit different this year so every day in August I’ll be making a tiny drawing. There’ll be 6 or 7 tiny drawings on each A5 page in my sketchbook and when I’ve filled a page I’ll share them here as well as sharing each one individually on Twitter day by day.

I’ve not given myself a theme or anything but my limitation is the size of the drawing. These are my first 6 and they were all done in watercolour paint and either HB pencil or a multiliner pen.