Drawing August Part 4

I'm into the home straight for Drawing August now so only 6 more daily drawings to go. I did experiment with photographing this page because again, scanning seems to have an odd effect on the colours but then photographing it didn't seem that great either. I decided to stick with the scan for now because [...]

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Drawing August Part 3

This one's a bit wonky but that's kind of fitting for today. It's been a hectic, exhausting and draining day today so my Drawing August drawing for today was just a rough drawing of my feet in socks when I got home this afternoon, which completed this page of 7 tiny drawings. I stuck with [...]

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Nature Sketch

This is another Sketchbook Skool drawing from a few weeks ago. I've still not made it out to do an architecture drawing for Liz Steel's klass (I will at some point) but this one is a nature sketch I did when Cathy Johnson was teaching us. I did this from a photograph that I took [...]

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When I Drew Tommy Kane

Back in April I signed up for the first semester of the online art class, Sketchbook Skool, set up by Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene. I'm just coming to the end of the second semester and I've learnt a lot in the 12 'klasses' I've now taken. In the first semester Danny's friend Tommy Kane [...]

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Drawing August Part 2

Here are drawings 7-12 for Drawing August this year. Looking at the scan of this page I'm starting to wonder if it might be a better idea for me to photograph my drawings in future. I think I'll have to experiment with that. I'm in the last few days of Sketchbook Skool at the moment [...]

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