Coloured drawing of pepper mill, spoon and cockerel

This week in Sketchbook Skool the ‘Seeing’ klass is all about nature. Cathy Johnson‘s been encouraging us to draw the birds in our gardens and to really see the different colour and tonal values in what we draw.

This drawing though, is from last week’s klass with Brenda Swenson. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this homework but I was really pleased with what I drew in the end.

The idea was to use a water soluble pen and draw an object with a single contour, so without lifting your pen from start to finish. My first attempts at a teapot were a bit disappointing so I changed  to a pepper mill. With each drawing we added another object to the scene until we had drawn 3 objects without lifting the pen until the whole picture was complete.

It was hard and it also reminded me that spoons are difficult to draw, with all their curves and angles so that’s something else to practice.

You may have seen this on my Twitter feed last week but if not, I highly recommend watching this video of my teacher from last week, Brenda. It’s beautifully shot and very inspiring.