Morning glory leave on trellis

Nib and lid of Copic multiliner pen

Page from urban Watercolour Sketching book


Watercolour palette, brushes and sketchbook

DSLR battery charger

I probably should call this one ‘Yesterday and Today’. I started taking photographs of my day yesterday morning and my camera battery went flat so I ended up leaving it to charge for the rest of the day and took some more photos this morning. So after a bit of a stop-start, this is from the past 24 hours.

My Morning Glory seedlings are no longer seedlings and are going a bit crazy climbing the trellis and railings on our balcony.

I realised that the nib on my favourite drawing pen was getting a bit ‘tired’. This was when I discovered that my pens are the disposable ones, not the ones with replaceable nibs and ink so I ordered a couple of new pens.

I spent some time yesterday reading my new copy of Urban Watercolor Sketching, which isn’t really about urban sketching at all but is a very useful guide to watercolour painting.

This morning, as on most days I checked on the plants outside and gave them some water, noticing that the wildflower seeds I’d scattered a few weeks ago have not only grown but at least one is flowering.

Last night I spent a bit of time practising a bit more with watercolour glazes.

I had a bad night’s sleep last night so like my camera yesterday, I’m spending the rest of the day recharging.