Photograph of a pen and ink sketch of a bag

I started the 2nd semester of Sketchbook Skool last Friday and have done a couple of homework assignments already. The second homework involved using 2 different media (in my case watercolour and black pen) to draw one object from observation.

The paint is used to record what you see at first glance, really quickly and then you take much more time with the pen to record things more accurately as you really see them.

This is my second go at this fast-slow method and I decided to draw my rucksack, which is fairly complex (although I’ve just realised that I’ve missed a little detail – I wonder why I didn’t see that before?) I really like this way of drawing. It’s interesting to see the differences between the 2 layers and how that kind of highlights the different ways we can look at and see the things around us.

This one was done using Windsor and Newton watercolour paint and Copic Multiliner pens in 0.3 and 0.5.