Sketchbook #4: Single Contour Drawing

This week in Sketchbook Skool the 'Seeing' klass is all about nature. Cathy Johnson's been encouraging us to draw the birds in our gardens and to really see the different colour and tonal values in what we draw. This drawing though, is from last week's klass with Brenda Swenson. I wasn't sure I was going [...]

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Today #2: Stop, Start

I probably should call this one 'Yesterday and Today'. I started taking photographs of my day yesterday morning and my camera battery went flat so I ended up leaving it to charge for the rest of the day and took some more photos this morning. So after a bit of a stop-start, this is from [...]

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Sketchbook #3: Sketchbook Skool Selfies

Another Sketchbook Skool homework, and this week's teacher was Koosje Koene. The homework was to draw a minimum of 7 self portraits (1 a day) in different styles. Some by looking in a mirror, some (like this one) from a photo and some from imagination. I drew this one in HB pencil on 135gsm cartridge [...]

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Sketchbook #2: Fast, Slow

I started the 2nd semester of Sketchbook Skool last Friday and have done a couple of homework assignments already. The second homework involved using 2 different media (in my case watercolour and black pen) to draw one object from observation. The paint is used to record what you see at first glance, really quickly and [...]

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Today #1: Potting Plants and Meditating

In-keeping with my June photo project, a few photographs to capture some of the moments in my everyday life. Today: potting up new plants that arrived in the post, reading the next chapter in my Mindfulness book and doing the Body Scan meditation & a quote from Judith van der Giesson in the latest copy [...]

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