An Incomplete Drawing

Coloured drawing of St Giles Crippplegate church tower

I can see this church from my living room window and started this drawing last Sunday. I’d no sooner begun that I was wondering what I’d got myself into. I kept drawing until things started to look a bit more wonky and then left it for a while.

It seemed like such a daunting drawing that I kept avoiding going back to finish it but at the same time I felt like I wanted to ‘draw a line under it’ before moving on to the next one, like it was hanging over me a bit.

So today I got back to it, finished off the brick and stonework (mostly) and decided that I wouldn’t draw any more of the building. As far as I know, there’s no rule that says I have to draw the entire church or nothing at all. It’s going to stay incomplete but with a bit of colour and that’s OK. Now I feel like I can turn the page and move on. Phew!