Watercolour sketch of some clothes hanging on a rail

I had visions of doing lots of practical things yesterday – there are always lots of ‘useful’ things I think I could or should be getting done and I did pop to the shops which I think counts as doing something useful.

The rest of the day I spent resting, reading and doing a bit of drawing. I thought it might be nice to actually use some watercolours in my watercolour sketchpad so I had a bit of a play with paints this morning.

I’ve not used watercolours since I was about 18 and even then I preferred oils or acrylics but I like the idea of using watercolours in sketches because they’re quick drying and easy to carry around.

I definitely need to keep practising, both my general painting skills and with mixing colours (to avoid big orange streaks in future drawings).

Maybe I’ll do something a bit more practical today – or maybe I’ll do some more scribbling and splashing of paint.