Stairs and Locks

Line drawing looking down concrete staircase

I really didn’t like these stairs when we first moved here. They’re cantilever and made out of concrete and I was always worried that I would slip and fall head first down them.

I’ve grown to love them now though. They’re unusual and I’ve not fallen down them so far.

Line drawing padlock

I’m not sure why but we have quite a selection of padlocks in our home. This one is sitting on our dining table.

Stairs Colour

I spend a lot of time sitting on the settee and resting. For a change of scene yesterday I sat on the lower level of the Barbican for an hour with a cup of tea and Tunnock’s Teacake, reading my book and doing a bit of drawing.

Copic Multiliner 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8 in my Moleskine watercolour pad. I added colour using Gimp.

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