train seats

The Drawing August challenge is over now and I managed to do one drawing every day throughout the month.

line drawing of chair and a jug

It was hard at times, especially when I was feeling lazy or tired but I did it and I’m really pleased about that. I don’t know how quickly I would sign up again for a one-a-day project but I have really enjoyed this one.


I think there were two main things I enjoyed about #drawingaugust. The first was the community of people sharing their work on Twitter. There’s now also a Pinterest board featuring a small selection of drawings¬†(over 500!) from this month.

line drawing of an empty cup and a dish and spoon

Sharing drawings with others kind of spurs you on to get yours done. There was also a very positive attitude about the group which was nice. Everyone encouraged one another and was interested in what other people were producing, rather than just wanting to showcase their own work.

Creating Time

The second thing I took from this challenge was the strongest suggestion so far for me that I may be building a firm daily habit of drawing.

I’ve been making the effort to create a small chunk of time each day when I can draw, even if it’s only a few minutes. Sometimes now I’ll just sit down and do a drawing, almost instinctively, without planning or thinking about it.

line drawing of legs and feet. Umbrella

Maybe it’s a bit too soon to tell for sure but so far I’m still drawing every day and more importantly, I still want to draw every day. Although I may give myself days off here and there, I’m really keen to keep going.

I read somewhere that it takes about 30 days to build a real habit so hopefully this has helped me with my own drawing habit. I’m currently dipping back into my copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain after not having used it for about two years so I think that’s a good sign.

Paint September

Some of those that took part in Drawing August are now working on #paintseptember, which isn’t a daily thing but they’ll be posting paintings throughout the month whenever they can. I think I’ll stick with the drawing for now but I’ll be keeping an eye on Paint September – it should be interesting to watch that develop.