Stairs and Locks

I really didn't like these stairs when we first moved here. They're cantilever and made out of concrete and I was always worried that I would slip and fall head first down them. I've grown to love them now though. They're unusual and I've not fallen down them so far. I'm not sure why but [...]

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The Things on my Coffee Table

I'm still working through the exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain but I'm also keen to keep drawing the stuff that's part of my everyday life. While binge watching Fringe over the weekend I drew the things that were sitting on one end of the coffee table. From top to bottom: [...]

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Hopefully Building a Habit

The Drawing August challenge is over now and I managed to do one drawing every day throughout the month. It was hard at times, especially when I was feeling lazy or tired but I did it and I'm really pleased about that. I don't know how quickly I would sign up again for a one-a-day [...]

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