Making Space for Drawings AND Photographs

Rain on a path with reflection of a black railing

I’ve been (and still am) doing a lot of drawing lately but I didn’t want to neglect my camera so I thought I’d post a couple of photos today.

I’m still doing the Drawing August challenge and am tweeting a photo each day of the most recent drawing.

I started off tweeting and blogging each drawing every day but it felt like a lot of work, especially when, like yesterday, I wanted to scan and colour the picture, which can take a long time.

Rain splashing on the ground

So I’ve decided that I’ll continue to tweet photos of my daily drawings for the rest of August and once a week I’ll write a blog post including my drawings from the previous 7 days.

Doing one summary blog post of my drawings just seems a bit more manageable than doing a short post every day.

It also means that when the mood takes me I’ve got the space and time to include photographs as well as drawings on here.

If you’re interested to see what everyone else has been contributing you can see the most recent Drawing August drawings on Twitter and as there are no prompts for this challenge there’s a huge range of styles and subjects to have a look at.

2 thoughts on “Making Space for Drawings AND Photographs

  1. Hayley-Eszti Reply

    Oh English summer rain how I miss you….

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      I do enjoy the rain (it’s the English in me I suppose!), especially after long periods of hot weather. It’s like the weather breathing a sigh of relief. 🙂

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