Appreciating the Imperfect

Last week I didn't do my best drawings. Michael Nobbs often says 'there's no such thing as a bad drawing' but I do wonder sometimes! I can't say that I was entirely pleased with any of the drawings that I produced last week. I could pick holes in each one - and don't get me [...]

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Two Lessons from a Week of Drawing

Motivation and Building a Habit I'm more than half way through the Drawing August challenge now and it's interesting to notice the things I'm figuring out about my drawing and about myself. Joining this drawing group has given me the motivation to draw every day so far in August and I've found that I can [...]

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Drawing August Update

In case you didn't see them on Twitter these are the drawings I've done over the past week for the Drawing August challenge. Some bigger than others, some better than others but one drawing each day throughout August. If you'd like to see what everyone else has been drawing for this challenge, go and have [...]

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