4 photographs of black line drawings, bear, vase, bath and foot, spoons

As I mentioned last week I’m currently taking part in an online drawing course led by Michael Nobbs. Just over a week into the course and I’m enjoying checking my inbox each morning for the drawing prompts and guidance.

I’ve been drawing regularly again since the beginning of this year and both drawing and photography allow me to take some time that’s just for myself.

I can become completely absorbed in drawing or the taking of a photograph and all the other things that need to be done, that usually seem so important, just get put on hold and are still there when I’m finished.

What I noticed today though, was a creeping sense of seeing the tasks for the drawing course as things that need to ‘get done’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing them, I’m enjoying doing them and look forward to seeing what everyone else on the course has been up to.

It’s more that, once I’ve done my daily drawing I feel like it’s something I can tick of my to-do list for the day, along with appointments I might need to keep or household chores.

It was interesting to realise that this was happening because I think being aware of it and recognising it as soon as it starts is helpful.

I’m taking it as a sign that I need to slow down a bit and take even more time to enjoy the creative process, the doing part, not just the production and completion of a drawing (or a photo).

If I don’t get a drawing completed on a given day (which has happened a couple of times already) then that’s OK and I can come back to it in my own time, otherwise the whole purpose of creativity for me will be lost.