Drawing What’s Important


The photography course I mentioned yesterday has overlapped by a week with a drawing course that I’m also taking part in. It’s a drawing course run by Michael Nobbs at Sustainably Creative and is based on his book ‘Drawing Your Life’.

I’m a little out of sync with the tasks for the course because:

  • I forgot to do my drawing for yesterday until this morning, and
  • I checked in on what today’s task was just after I’d eaten my breakfast and the task was to draw my breakfast!

So maybe tomorrow I’ll do a bit of catching up and do 2 drawings as I’d planned to do today.

The drawing I did this morning is from day 2 of the course and I decided to draw something that I love and that’s important to me. After a bit of thought I chose my very old and well-loved bear. He’s the one whose back features in my current avatar in the right hand side bar.

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