Daily Routine #2: Computer

Black line drawing of laptop

Because my energy levels are fairly unpredictable I spend a lot of time at home. The internet is a bit of a lifeline, enabling me to stay in touch and interact with others even on days when I’m not up to going out or talking to people face to face.

Each morning one of the first things I do is switch on my laptop and start checking the news, my email, Twitter, and I usually watch something on iPlayer or Netflix while I eat my breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Daily Routine #2: Computer

  1. Tamara Epps Reply

    I’m the same – I am so grateful we live in a time with internet as otherwise I don’t know how I’d cope. The web allows me to have friends as well as generally prevent me from having a complete breakdown. Saying that, I have found myself turning to my laptop in the morning when I used to read, and I much preferred the reading but for some reason I don’t seem to have the self-discipline to do that first.

  2. Hannah Reply

    I am the same as well, I very rarely see people in real life anymore, the internet is definatley a lifeline for me.

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