Black and white line drawings of drinks in cups and glasses

I spent last week documenting everything that I drank. I was inspired to do it after watching Kate Bingaman-Burt‘s TED talk on the ‘Rules of Engagement’.

I’d come across her daily drawings before, which document everything she buys. However, I was pretty sure I wasn’t ready to commit to a project anywhere close to that kind of scale so I went with a week-long one instead.

I’d originally intended to draw all my drinks for the entire 7 days but soon changed my mind and reduced that to 5 days, Monday to Friday. I did miss out two drinks that I had on Friday so substituted them with the first two that I had on Saturday morning.

I think that I was a ‘good little art soldier’ for the week, especially considering that I didn’t always want to do a drawing each time I had a drink, plus I’ve been pretty low on energy lately too.

I’d made a public declaration over on Facebook that I was going to work on this little project so making that commitment meant that I felt that I shouldn’t back out of it.

Sometimes it got a bit boring, especially when I was drawing what looked like the same glass of water that I’d drunk just a couple of hours previously. I was glad that I did it though and if nothing else, it meant that I was pushed to do a little but of drawing each day.