Drawing My View

Having done not very much drawing this week, a very quiet weekend resulted in my most detailed drawing so far. This was the view from one of my windows on Saturday afternoon. I might add some colour at some point to make things a little clearer but in case it's not obvious there are 6 [...]

By | May 29th, 2013|Drawing|8 Comments

8 Things Right Where I am Sitting

Exploration Based on an idea from Keri Smith's 'How to be an Explorer of the World', here are 8 simple line drawings of objects in the room where I am sitting. Things that were right in front of me, and/or things that I hadn't really noticed were there wehn I first sat down. In case [...]

By | May 22nd, 2013|Drawing|3 Comments

My Current Art Kit

'Art' Kit I thought I'd write briefly about my current art kit - the things I'm using for my drawings. I feel a little bit like a fraud talking about my 'art' kit because I don't really class myself as an artist but it seems like as good a term as any. I've started to [...]

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A New Tea Infuser

It means that making a single cup of tea with loose-leaf tea is a lot easier. Pop it inside a mug, fill with tea and hot water, put the lid on and infuse for 5 minutes. The lid also acts as a drip tray for when you remove the infuser.

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