Drawing of inside a kitchen cabinet, plates, teapots

Kitchen Cupboard Drawing

Following on from last week’s post about using Danny Gregory’s book, this is my latest drawing.

Danny suggests opening your bathroom cabinet and drawing the outline of the objects, shelf by shelf, before filling in some detail.

The idea is to take note of the proportions of the objects and their position in relation to one another.

Black and white sketch of inside a kitchen cabinet

The original drawing before I added colour.

Out of Space

My paper ran out before I could finish the bottom shelf, which is a bit of a shame as it seems that this shelf probably had the most interesting things on it.

Again, I’ve scanned in the drawing and coloured it in the computer.

I took a photograph of the same scene and used the colour picker to select colours for the drawing so that they matched as closely as possible.


I didn’t go as far as adding much shading and stuck to flat colours as it was time (and energy) consuming enough to get this far really.

I don’t think I’ll be drawing such detailed things on a daily basis. I prefer the idea of working on smaller drawings that I can complete a bit quicker so maybe if I repeated this I’d focus on one of the objects on the shelf, rather than the whole cupboard. I do think this was a useful exercise though and I’m quite pleased with the result.