London: Guardian of the City

Cast iron dragon from behind with cranes in the distance

I think since the 1960s the City of London’s boundaries have been marked by small cast iron statues of dragons on top of stone pillars.

Along with another fiercer-looking dragon at Temple Bar, they are dotted around in order to let you know when you’re leaving the wider area of London and entering the square mile that is known among other things for being the financial district.

To find out more about the difference between the City of London and the city named London I’d recommend you watch this video. It explains it much more clearly than I could!

2 thoughts on “London: Guardian of the City

  1. Milt Farquhar Reply

    Freakishly enough, I took a photo of the one at Temple Bar just yesterday – it’s proudly adorning my blog. I won’t link it up, but feel free to have a mooch. My mate always used to say to me that if you want to see the best of London you should always, always look up. Ne’er a true word was said. Nice post, chief.

    1. Cathryn Worrell Reply

      I’m heading over now to take a look.

      Your mate is right about looking up too. It’s interesting to look at the tops of the buildings above shops as there’s often some interesting features/character. The best view is usually from the top deck of a bus.

      Thanks :).

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