Drawing of a slice of bread

(Re)learning to Draw

Following a recommendation from members of the Sustainably Creative forum I went to the library a couple of weeks ago and borrowed a copy of Danny Gregory’s The Creative License, which I’ve been very slowly working my way through and I’m really enjoying it.

At school I always enjoyed Art and had originally planned to work towards a creative career of some kind but in the end went down a slightly more academic (but still enjoyable)  path.

I did, however, do an A Level in Fine Art but unfortunately haven’t really done much drawing or painting since then.

Danny Gregory’s book has been really encouraging because it’s all about allowing yourself ‘to be the artist you truly are’, without worrying about making mistakes along the way, which is helpful if you’re totally new to drawing (or a perfectionist).

I’m going to buy a copy of this book now so that I can keep referring back to it, as there’s a lot of really useful and interesting stuff in there.

Black and white outline of a slice of bread

The original drawing before I added colour.

Posting my Progress

I’m also planning on posting on here as a way to document my progress as I work through this book.

That’s why there’s a slice of bread at the top of this post! This was a task from chapter 1 of The Creative License, which suggested drawing a bagel but anything bread-like (and with lots of seeds/bits) was ok and I had a slice of granary bread so went with that.

I found it quite painstaking and had to keep taking short breaks to avoid losing patience and concentration but I was pleased with the result so I scanned it into my computer and used Gimp to add some colour to it.

Doing the colouring part was a steep learning curve in itself but I think it’s turned out ok, especially for a first attempt at that kind of thing.

Have you used any of Danny Gregory’s books or come across any other useful books on drawing/creativity?